Friday, October 23, 2009

It's so sad...

...but I can't even get to my blog on a regular basis. I'd apologize, but I don't even know if there is someone to apologize to. My husband? I'm not even sure if he reads my blog.

I'm the kind of person who either has a hundred projects started or a hundred waiting to be started - well, actually, it's both. My current project is reorganization, which has stalled any current and future crafting project. As you can see below, I can't even get to my crafting space.

It is my intent to put this mess into a craft organizer and have a space that would make Martha Stewart jealous (or at least a Martha Stewart wannabe).

I would actually get my act into gear if I had the CABINET that all the shelves (which I received last week) will go in. Sigh.

Sometime in my life I will be organized and I will be on top of things and I will finish what I started and I will keep a record of finished projects on my blog. Some time.

Monday, October 5, 2009

What time?

Where do all these crafty bloggers find the time to create these amazing projects and THEN spend the time putting them up on their blogs??
I'll admit I've been out of town for a bit and had NO internet access, so I was completely unable to post, BUT I've been home for a while now and can't get the opportunity to sit down and finish a project. I figure I'm either the world's greatest procastinator or I'm so severely time/organizationally challenged that I'm actually occupying a dimension in space that existed two days ago.
Right now, I have company visiting but have finally found some time for myself. What I have been doing with that time is a mystery to me. Wait, I do remember finishing a book called Waiter Rant: Thanks for the Tip - Confessions of a Cynical Waiter by The Waiter.

I thought I would really like this book. My family LOVES to eat out and I thought this would be a great way to learn the inside story of waiting tables. I voraciously worked my way through the first half of the book - I found the interaction between the kitchen staff, the waiter and his customers extremely fascinating. I liked the book up until the point I realized I was one of the customers the waiter hated.
"Why?" you might ask, "Would the waiter hate you?" Well, I tip on the total before tax, and I tip in such a manner that my bill total always comes out to an even dollar amount (20 percent, or darn near it). What can I say? It's much easier for me to subtract a even dollar amount from my checkbook. What really got under my skin was that the author put a tipper like myself in the "accountant" category and then wrote that "these people enjoy a special place in hell." I'm not a rude person, I say please, thank you, how are you, and so on. As I read on, I realized that the only customers that this waiter liked were those who tipped 25 percent AFTER taxes. Cynical was an understatement for this gentleman. Not everyone in the world is going to be sugar sweet and free with their money. Why hate the rest of us? I wonder if normal fits somewhere in this author's realm of waiting tables, or if there is just 25 percent tippers and everyone else (who, according to my understanding, are supposed to go to hell). Needless to say, I didn't like the book.
I'm now reading The Rapture of Canaan by Sheri Reynolds. I think it was an Oprah pick sometime back. Sounds very interesting, and I hope to get through it in the next couple of weeks. I'll post a review and summary of the book in time (sometime, not sure when, but sometime).