Monday, August 17, 2009

Naming the blog

I seriously doubt anyone is going to be reading this. With a reported 200 million plus blogs floating around on the internet, and sanguine scaredy cat created all of two minutes ago - what are the chances you would find it? Anyway, this is a test message to see how this looks on the web. So I thought I would explain the blog name.

Since wanting to start this blog I've tried to come up with some catchy titles that won't pigeonhole me into one particular category or another. I started with "this n that" and that blog was taken 7 years ago by someone who posted once and that was it. I then tried "neither here nor there" and that was taken by another absentee blogger. I even did some research to see if I could get google to take them off (give them to ME) but couldn't find a reasonable way to contact them about the dead blogs.

So, then I gave some thought to all the things I like to do, but they are wide and varied and, again, wouldn't want to confine myself to one thing or another. Hey, that might have been a good blog, "one thing or another". Bet you that one is taken too. ANYWAY, I thought about my character and how that could be turned into a blog title. Difficult to sum up one's self into three words but I came up with "the optimistic pessimist". Well, guess what? That, too, was taken as was "optimistic pessimist". I had thought it would have been the perfect title, for deep down I am a pessimist who tries very hard (most of the time) to see the brighter side of life. Not that my life is rotten (it's not) but I tend to lean towards doom and gloom, catch myself doing so, and then try to find the bright spots in whatever I've condemned myself too. It can be a struggle to be happy somedays, but for the most part I would say I succeed in at least being content. Not a bad thing to be.

Well, how did optimistic pessimist get to be saguine scaredy cat you might ask (that is if you've even gotten this far)? Through a thesaurus search. I initially just changed optimist to sanguine but thought that looked funny with pessimist. Then I came across "scaredy cat" as an acceptable synonym to pessimist. I'm not really a "scaredy cat" but I do like cats and I think it sounds nice with sanguine. And voila' "sanguine scaredy cat".

So, what do I plan to do with this blog now that I've created it? Mostly I hope to post handicrafts that I have created and instructions for those who wish to recreate them. My favorite things are created with paper, but I also have done sewing, knitting, sculpting, wreath making, home decorating, etc. etc. I also enjoy my cats, reading, chatting and hanging out with friends and family - and thought that I would share some of these things once in a while.

So, there you have it. The intro to sanguine scaredy cat. Thank you for reading my blog, its really amazing to me that you made it here anyway :)

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  1. Hi Kim, It was nice to read your intro to the blogging world.