Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Yes, I'm still working on those crafts - just haven't had time to take some pictures.

The family had a very busy weekend. Usually we are a stay at home kind of family, but this past holiday weekend we had a lot planned. Saturday we attended the opening Air Force Falcon football game. Here are a few pics...

The Air Force usually has a fly over of some sort at every game. These are F-15's.

Here is a parachutist coming into the stadium before the game.

And here are the Air Force Falcons!! The game was a complete blowout, Air Force won 72 - 0!! Of course, it really wasn't an even match but I really didn't expect to see the Falcons score so high.

Then that evening the family went to a hot air balloon event called a "Balloon Glow". We've been here for several years but had yet to get to this annual event. It was beautiful!

Then we returned on Monday to watch a mass ascension. That was great too!

It was a very fun but exhausting weekend for us homebodies. I am hoping to have some time this weekend to actually post a project or two. Looking forward to getting them on the blog.

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