Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Crafting Time

Its amazing how I overestimate how many hours there are in a day. You would think that I would have caught on that it is always the same, never enough. I started this blog with the intent of completing at least one project a week and posting it. Ha! I've already blown that resolution. I did complete a project this weekend and I am almost hesitant to post it - because I don't like the way it came out. But I want to at least prove that I try. So here is a picture of my latest attempt at crafting...

Its small because I don't want you to look too closely at it. It is supposed to be a recipe or coupon box. I haven't decided which - because I haven't even decided if I am keeping it at all. I bought a clearance recipe box at Michaels for 47 cents. It was already covered with a cute apple picture but I thought I could do better (ha!) so I re-covered it with some K & Company paper, added some spellbinder die cuts with Stampin Up's Rustic Rooster. I also tried my hand at coloring with copic markers. That was a disaster. Either I picked the wrong colors to blend, didn't blend them properly or both! Then I added the buttons in the vain hope that it might improve. Not really. It also doesn't help that I can't tie a ribbon.

I've also discovered I'm lousy at taking close-up pics. I need to figure out how this camera works - I've only had it for a year. I also know my lighting is terrible in the house. Need to plan better and take pics outside in full sun - or something close to it.

So, I haven't completely abandoned the idea of doing a blog. I'm sure as I muddle through all this new stuff and find a way to create a few more hours in the day, I'll be just fine. Stick with me, okay?

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